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Empowering Clinical Decision-Making in the U.S. Healthcare System
In today's healthcare landscape, providers face significant challenges in navigating cluttered and fragmented EHRs. This results in inefficiencies and diverts time from patient care to administrative tasks. 
Sidecar tackles this problem head-on through a flawless integration with existing EHR infrastructures. Our platform centers on four key functionalities: simplified single sign-on access, real-time actionable insights, end-to-end workflow automation, and an in-depth patient profile.
Appointment Schedule
Providing Clinical and Operational oversight of schedules
A daily overview of a Clinicians schedule. This brought together information and functionality which was previously across 5 different pages. Now with the new page Clinical Liaisons and Operations can not only view what appointments a Clinician has but also details such as available slots, statuses of appointments and being able to cancel appointments.
Financial Compliance Review
Inteligent Automation Platform
The platform is customisable to different clients needs. The examples here are for a financial journals that require reviewing. This was moving a manual spreadsheet process into an automated rules engine and providing an interface to quickly review journals.
Intelligent Listing Optimisation
eBay approached AltViz to improve seller performance. Corporate sellers struggle to optimise their sales performance on eBay due to the size and variety of the marketplace.
Analysing millions of active listings daily to determine the characteristics of top performers. The result is ListSmart, a self-serve web application for eBay’s corporate sellers.​​
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