Corporate Identity & Marketing Materials for a Technology Startup
Coolgarif Technologies new identity as AltViz. Full rebrand and visual style across the whole company. Including multiple iterations of the business website and materials. 
Live: - Intelligent Automation, Simplified
Involvement: Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing, Website Design & Development

To create a new identity for a data visualisation fledgeling startup company. It needed to represent a data-driven enterprise technology company. The company were looking for a modern, contemporary that reflects their industry. As the company are competing with established enterprise business, the brand needs to stand out and has gravitas. The logo itself needs to be viewed digitally as well as being easily adaptable for small stationary and print.
We had several discussions and developed a list of key terms that we felt represented the business. There were several key factors we needed to consider such as is the name available as a web domain, social accounts and Companies House. Two of the terms that we came up with was ‘alternate’ and ‘visualisation’, which eventually became AltViz. It was then up to me to create the visual identity associated with our new name.
Initially, I created some concepts around the "A" and "V". I explored how they interacted together and could represent a graph. It needed to be a physical object, masculine and create structure. I was intrigued by how I could use an optical illusion to convey the "intelligence" of data visualisation. Adding the shadow to the shape helped communicate the 3D form. I also rounded the top of the bend to reflect the "A" and then extended the "V" arm up to the right.
The result is a logo with a clean and modern feel and a lowercase sans type. The shape conveys movement and a solid structural form. I adapted the colour of the symbol to fit within the primary blue background and created an inline and centred variation depending on the use case.
Once the logo was complete, I moved onto updating all of the companies documents and digital profiles. While working on designing the website, I started to explore the use of SVG animations and taught myself how to create an animated logo. I used this technique on the main symbols on the website.
"Custom Data Visualisation Company"
– Website c. 2014-15
"Business Automation Products Company"
– Website c. 2017-18
"Intelligent Automation Platform Company"
– Website c. 2019

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